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Public Tenders- beginners course

This training will give an introduction into public procurement procedures in Belgium focused on the medical devices sector.
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Public Tenders- Advanced course

This training will focus on the current practical problems in tender procedures for medical devices, as well as on recent developments and case law concerning, amongst others, technical minimum requirements, selection criteria and awarding criteria. In particular, this training will address items such as FAMHP Circular 646 and anti-gift rules, samples, value-based procurement, improvement proposals, commercial secrecy, price revision and much more. It will also touch upon what to do after awarding, where to look in the awarding report and which options are available to challenge awarding decisions.
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Health Economic Evaluations for medical devices companies

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Update on GDPR for medical devices companies

All medical devices companies process personal data. Since the adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018, businesses are facing many challenges and must adapt their data protection practice to avoid significant fines imposed by authorities in case of non-compliance or data breaches. This training – focused on the Life Sciences sector – will provide an update on the most recent trends, guidelines, and recommendations since the adoption of the GDPR. It will also cover the relevant provisions under the Belgian Act of 30 July 2018 implementing the GDPR. The training will finally address some data privacy challenges when using new technologies, such as blockchain.
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Towards more value based health care in Belgium?

Our health care system is under great pressure and the COVID-19 crisis makes it even clearer that we need to rethink the current model to ensure a more sustainable, affordable and patient-oriented health care system. The continuous evolution towards a Value-Based Health Care (VBHC) approach will be an essential part of the solution. During this 2 full days conference, expert speakers will share their knowledge on VBHC, dive into the actual state of play in Belgium and other countries and share their views on the way forward for Belgium.
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General Assembly

Members only!
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