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Extern personeel in het operatiekwartier

Module 1: 26/09/22 Module 2: 10/10/22
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Personnel externe au quartier opératoire

Module 1 : 03/10/22 Module 2 : 17/10/22
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Benefits of standardization for your company

Have you heard of the importance of standards -for companies and society- but you want to know more about how they are developed or how to handle them in your organization? Then you should register for our seminar!
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Health Data Governance Initiatives

As demonstrated during our previous health data seminars, there are important and growing opportunities to use health data for improving health care quality, surveillance, health system management, market access, research and innovation, etc. But to leverage this potential while facing potential threats regarding information security and data protection, appropriate data governance frameworks are needed. The term ‘data governance’ initially emerged to describe how organizations manage and influence the collection and utilization of data. It specifies decision rights and accountability, and encourages desirable behaviors towards how data is valued, created, stored, used, archived, and deleted. In the 3rd Health Data Seminar of 2022, we will have a look at different health data governance initiatives at European, Belgian, regional, and hospital level.
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Distribution of IVDs in Belgium

Belgian legislation implementing the IVDR
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Opleiding voor biotechniekers uit industrie en ziekenhuis

Nederlandstalige sessie. VVZ leden en leden ZORG.tech kunnen deelnemen aan het beMedTech leden voordeel tarief
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General Assembly beMedTech

Members only. The General Assembly will be followed by our Value-Based Healthcare Symposium- Integrated Care
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Value Based Healthcare Symposium

Geïntegreerde zorg: to.be or not to .be
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