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Benefits of standardization for your company

Have you heard of the importance of standards – for companies and society, but you don’t know exactly what it is all about. Do you also have questions as : ? How do you become aware of new standards that apply to your product? ? How do you make sure you’re continuously compliant to the standards Our infosession give you a concise overview ofwhat standards development is and how to make your products & process comply to the latest standards.
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Q & A Lunch session on Public Procurement & price indexations

As we receive a lot of questions on the possiblity of price indexations (due to Covid, Ukraine, salary & fuel prices, ... ), we will enlarge the scope of the Q&A lunchsession on June 14th on Public procurement. During this interactive Q&A lunch session the speakers will discuss and provide practical guidance and advice on current hot topics in public procurement, eventual legal possibilties for price adaptations within running tenders but also questions out of the scope of tendering ex. Indexation of existing reimbursements. Please submit all your questions by June 2nd the latest. A selection of the most relevant and interesting questions/topics will be made and (interactively) discussed during the session. Furthermore there will be a possibility to ask follow up questions at the end of the session.
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Distribution of in vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical devices in Belgium

Distributors of IVD medical devices are subject to new regulatory requirements since May 2022. A new regulation (EU) 2017/746 (“IVDR”) has become applicable and a new Belgian IVDR legal framework is set to enter into force. This training course is intended for those who are interested in knowing more about the existing and new Belgian and European regulations to make IVDs available on the Belgian market as a distributor after May 2022.
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Health Data authority: legal & technological impact

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General Assembly beMedTech

Members only
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