SEBIA Benelux Comm.V.

  • Jan Olieslagerslaan 41 - BE-1800 VILVOORDE

  • Tel 02/702 64 64 - Fax 02/702 64 60

  • BE0456702823

  • J-F Duflou

Since its establishment in 1967, Sebia has aimed at producing efficient and high quality analytical and diagnostic systems thanks to its dynamic, responsive and innovative approach. Leading manufacturer of electrophoresis equipments, Sebia’s systems are designed to meet all requirements expressed by diagnostic laboratories. Capillarys and Minicap, the new generation of capillary electrophoresis, utilizes the most sophisticated technology available today. These systems provide high level of performance, bringing complete walk away automation and enhancing accurate results. Tests available include serum Protein, urine protein, Immunotyping, haemoglobins, High Resolution electrophoresis and CDT to detect alcohol abuse. Sebia’s established semi-automated agarose gel system, Hydrasys, continues to provide market- leading performance, Hydraplus, with positive sample ID, further automates sample processing and Phoresis imaging system, make scanning and storing results quick and convenient. Today, Sebia still achieves success in numerous projects and is constantly working to improve technology and introduce additional capabilities. Main Areas of Activity Clinical Biochemistry Immunology Haematology