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Corin is revolutionising orthopaedics by gaining, understanding and sharing insight at every stage of the arthroplasty experience. This unique combination of shared knowledge and our clinically-proven implants delivers better outcomes for everyone. Our technologies enable surgeons to perform patient-specific procedures and gain a unique level of insight and understanding allowing them to easily monitor progress and achieve the most positive results. Nos produits: Fabricant CORIN Ltd, Cirencester, UK: Orthopaedic Implants: Unity Knee System, Uniglide Knee System, HLS Kneetec System, HLS Noetos Knee System, Trinity / Dynacup / Double Mobility Acetabular System, MetaFix / TaperFit / TriFit / MiniHip / Océane / Linea / Meije Duo / Revival Femoral Hip System, Zenith Ankle System Distributeur exclusif: InSpace balloon for Rotator Cuff Injury / MaiRegen Biojoint systems / THI Personal Infection prevention System